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The Pearl of Forest

Something strange in these old woods

Frequently Asked Questions

Rusty Dust

Has art ever helped you through hard times or had a therapeutic effect on you? 

65 deviants said Yes, art has helped me through many hardships and continues to be a therapeutic way of self-expression to me.
34 deviants said Maybe sometimes or at some level, but not particularly much.
16 deviants said No, it is a positive part of my life but I've used other ways to cope and get through worse periods in life than art.
3 deviants said I don't know / Other?

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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 7, 2014, 11:07 AM

Hello and welcome to my corner of dA! Before continuing your exploration on my page, I'd kindly ask you to read my Frequently Asked Questions if you have anything to ask. You may find your answer there. Thanks for your attention!

:iconnocommissions: :iconnotrades: :iconnocollabs: :iconnorequests:

I got tagged to fill in this gallup by Twilight-Veil and Flubberwurm and for once I'm actually passing this on to some unlucky ones mwahaha!


1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5.  Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
6. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7. No tag-backs.
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. You MUST make a journal entry!


1. I strongly dislike surprises, even nice ones. I need to plan, organize and prepare for everything.
2. My favourite flowers are forget-me-nots.
3. I don't like cooking but I force myself to tolerate it because I want to avoid ready-food products as often as possible. It's much more rewarding to eat self-made dinners which aren't filled with additives and unhealthy ingredients.
4. I'm crazy about modern decoration mixed with Scandinavian/Nordic elements. If I only had enough money and a bigger apartment to transform all my ideas to reality...!
5. It’s very difficult for me to tell if someone's joking or being sarcastic or actually meaning what they're saying. I take things way too literally and the joke needs to be screaming obvious or else I won't get it. This is something I get laughed about more than often...
6. Besides digital painting, I enjoy photography, knitting and crocheting, even though I'm still a beginner at the last three mentioned.
7. I don't own a TV and hadn't really watched it anywhere for about six years before I met my boyfriend.
8. I've only been to airplane once (counting both traveling to the destination and back home as one time) and I've never been outside Europe.
9. I don't drink alcohol at all and I plan to live the rest of my days like this.
10. I'm very interested in psychology but always hated it as a school subject because of our teacher and the text books used in our school. I didn't make past the first course and got rather poor grade from it, too. Perhaps I could borrow the books from some other publisher and study the courses independently some day!

Questions by Twilight-Veil

1. If you could have a companion pet, who would be with you your entire life, completely friendly, and it could be any animal in the entire world what would you choose?
A cougar, the animal my spirit guide has taken the form of.

2. Favorite: book, movie, and song?
Book: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë.
Movie: Brokeback Mountain.
Song: Twin Peaks Theme or Laura Palmer’s Theme by Angelo Badalamenti, if I absolutely must choose.

3. How many times have you swam in the ocean?

Probably just once as a kid, if our Bothnian Sea counts regardless of not really being an ocean!

4. How do you like your coffee?
With milk, please!

5. What's your favorite thing to do on weeknights?
Painting, reading, doing crafts or textile work and just relaxing in the candle light.

6. Do you remember your dreams?
Pretty much always.

7. Do you sleep with socks on or off?
Off if it's not absolutely freezing.

8. Where's your favorite place in the whole world?
Deep in the woods, alone. Preferably during a foggy and cool weather.

9. Would you rather be a werewolf or vampire?

I’ve never liked either of them, but probably werewolf.

10. Which would you prefer: living in a post-apocalyptic large city alone or post-apocalyptic forest in the middle of nowhere alone?

Post-apocalyptic forest of course! Wouldn’t an empty town be the creepiest and the most saddening place to be?

Questions by Flubberwurm

1. Who are your favourite writers? Why?

Emily and Charlotte Brontë. They were extremely talented and revolutionary in their time. I’m in love with their writing styles, stories and characters. I'm also fond of the era their books take place.

2. What is something that you suck at, that you would really love to be able to do well?
Mathematics and natural sciences. I'd love shine in those subjects at school! Also, small talk and generally being less socially awkward.

3. A movie that never fails to make you cry?
I don't think there is one! I need to be in a certain state of mind in order to be able to cry at films, tv shows or songs. And it’s usually music which makes me cry the most easily anyway.

4. A fictional character you very closely relate to?
I have to say Laura Palmer. She may be a fictional character, but her story has had a strong impact on me. I feel deep sadness for what she had to go through and I understand her ways of trying to cope with being abused by her father and mistreated and taken advantage on her situation by other people. I'm also angry at everyone who knew she was in trouble but did nothing to help her. Instead people wanted to see her as the perfect Homecoming Queen and close their eyes to what was going on in the Palmer's house and the nightlife of Twin Peaks.

5. When it comes to creating art, who/what are your biggest inspirations? What do you hope to convey through your art?
I’m inspired by many different artists both on and off this site and also the nature around me. However, since I paint from pictures the most important source of inspiration for me is stock photography. I wish to convey my love and longing for horses and pass on the romantic idea of horses running free and  being part of the natural environment that surrounds them through those horse individuals I feel inspired to paint.

6. Tell me a childhood story! Pretend this was a question!

After the second break up of my parents, my mom, little brother and I moved to a semi-detached house. There was two bedrooms, one for me and one for mom and Jani. We sometimes slept all together on a huge mattress on the floor of my mom and Jani's room. One night when we did that mom was sleeping between us when Jani and I suddenly woke up at the same time. The bedroom door was closed but somebody was behind it, pushing the handle up and down aggressively a few times. We were afraid but could do nothing but look at the door almost hypnotized. Then I looked down and saw mom still sleeping between my brother and I. We fell asleep soon after that again.

There was no way anyone could've possibly got in our house and there was absolutely no rational explanation to what happened. We've argued about this with mom several times but she doesn't believe us. However, Jani and I both know what we saw and we've come to the agreement that the house was haunted. I used to feel an odd presence of some sort in that place every once in a while, but I still don't know how to explain it. We only lived there for six months and never experienced anything similar in any of our next homes. Perhaps something bad had happened in the house before us which had got trapped inside those brick walls and woke up to react to our presence in the house…

7. If you could do just one project (and could be sure that it will succeed), what is it that you would love to do? (I'm thinking about art here, but it can be anything you like)
Finish my crochet blanket I've already started but which I won't be getting done and dusted anytime soon... Or create an epic huge-scale painting I could consider my masterpiece.

8. Something you once liked but now feel really ashamed about? (come on! ;P )

Decora-style, anime and manga, general weeaboo-ness and this gross glorification of Japan.

9. What would you like to improve about your art? What are you proud of?
I'd like to improve my backgrounds and I’d also like not to rely on the references so much. I'd love to start experimenting with different styles again but I feel very insecure about "going cartoon" after all this years of doing realism.

I can't say I’m too proud of my paintings because finishing a piece is an accomplishment and a reward itself. I’m more of… satisfied with myself if the outcome pleases me and I’ve succeeded in what I aimed for with the painting I finished.

10. What are you procrastinating right now? ;)
I should be painting, writing a letter or cleaning up the yarns for my crochet project from the floor...

My questions for the tagged

1. What were some of your favourite toys as a kid?
2. What's your favourite flower?
3. Describe your morning routine.
4. Have you ever had a lucid dream (knowing you're asleep and having a dream without waking up immediately, possibly being able to control the dream, too)?
5. Which do you like more; warm or cold colours?
6. Which do you prefer; working or studying?
7. Would you rather donate and help raise funds for charity or do voluntary work and go directly to the people or animals in the need of help?
8. Name one pro and one con about living in your country.
9. Do you have any other artistic hobbies or passions besides your "main thing"?
10. How are you today?

I tag


Happy Monday everyone! Regular updates and new features coming soon. :aww:

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  • Reading: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini


Aura Claudia Alexandra
I'm a 20-year-old thingy from the Northern backwoods, also known as Varkaus, Finland. I'm a student of the local upper secondary school for adults. I'm interested in digital art, photography, decorating, nature, history and useless daydreaming. I consider myself quite an outsider observer with a highly introverted personality. I'm also a Twin Peaks enthusiast, spiritual atheist, liberal, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, bisexual, teetotaller and paired up with one awesome dude!

My tools of trade are Wacom Bamboo Pen A6, Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Nikon D3100. I only paint for myself so I do not do commissions, trades, collaborations or requests.



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